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3D for the Web: Interactive 3D animation using 3ds max, Flas

3D for the Web: Interactive 3D animation using 3ds max, Flash and Director (Focal Press Visual Effects and Animation) ebook for free download.

Make sure you benefit from the explosion of new and exciting applications designed to let you create 3D animation for the web. See how you can use the power of 3ds max, Flash and Director to make your 3D fame or project a reality for the internet as well as learning generic skills allowing you to use many applications.Ideal if you are a web designer with little or no 3D experience and need an overview of how 3D could transform your work and how best to put it online, or if you are a 3D animator wanting to produce work for the web and need a guide to which applications to use.Insteadof being bogged down in code, this user-friendly, highly illustrated book teaches from a practical, technique-orientated stance, with only a minimal amount of code typing needed. Use pre-written code modules to create interactive are, animated characters and commercial websites. Then you can learn the techniques needed to make your own 3D games.Each chapter contains tutorials which you can do yourself, using the files on the free CD included with the book. Interviews with successful professionals show you what you can aspire to by sharing their tips and tricks as well as details on the pros and cons of each software package.For extra tips, information and help visit www.3dfortheweb.info* Learn how to successfully translate your 3D work to the web without the need for code* Get inspiration from professionals at the cutting-edge of 3D web design and games from interviews and examples of their work throughout the book* Use the tutorials on the free CD to practice your skills and stay ahead of the rest

ISBN: 0240519108
Author: Carol MacGillivray
Publisher: Focal Press
Pages: 328
Publication Date: 2004-11-30


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