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3D Max Kısayolları

Show Floating Dialogs Ctrl+`
Clone Ctrl+V
delete Objects .
Show Main Toolbar Toggle Alt+6
Lock User Interface Toggle Alt+0
View Edged Faces Toggle F4
MAXScript Listener Toggle F11
Virtual Viewport Pan Left NumPad 4
Virtual Viewport Pan Right NumPad 6
Virtual Viewport Pan Up NumPad 8
Virtual Viewport Pan Down NumPad 2
Virtual Viewport Zoom In NumPad +
Virtual Viewport Zoom Out NumPad -
Virtual Viewport Toggle NumPad /
Background Lock Toggle Alt+Ctrl+B
update Background Image Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B
Expert Mode Toggle Ctrl+X
Environment Dialog Toggle 8
Place Highlight Ctrl+H
Cycle selection Method Ctrl+F
Zoom Viewport Out ], Ctrl+-
Zoom Viewport In [, Ctrl+=
Pan Viewport I
Zoom Extents All selected Z
Zoom Out 2X Alt+Shift+Z
Zoom In 2X Alt+Shift+Ctrl+Z
Default Lighting Toggle Ctrl+L
Wireframe / Smooth+Highlights Toggle F3
Scale Cycle Ctrl+E
Render Scene Dialog Toggle F10
Render Last F9
Quick Render Shift+Q
Sub-object Level Cycle insert
Align Alt+A
Normal Align Alt+N
Quick Align Shift+A
Hold Alt+Ctrl+H
Fetch Alt+Ctrl+F
Show Safeframes Toggle Shift+F
Backup Time One Unit ,
Forward Time One Unit .
Play Animation /
Redraw All Views `
Viewport Background Alt+B
select and Move W
select and Rotate E
Material Editor Toggle M
Redo Scene Operation Ctrl+Y
Redo Viewport Operation Shift+Y
Bottom View B
Sub-object selection Toggle Ctrl+B
Camera View C
Spot/Directional Light View Shift+4
Hide Cameras Toggle Shift+C
Disable Viewport D
Front View F
Hide Grids Toggle G
select By Name H
Hide Helpers Toggle Shift+H
Isometric User View U
Left View L
Hide Lights Toggle Shift+L
Auto Key Mode Toggle N
New Scene Ctrl+N
Adaptive Degradation Toggle O
Open File Ctrl+O
Hide Geometry Toggle Shift+G
Perspective User View P
Pan View Ctrl+P
Hide Shapes Toggle Shift+S
Arc Rotate View Mode Ctrl+R
Snaps Toggle S
Snaps Use Axis Constraints Toggle Alt+D, Alt+F3
Snap To Frozen Objects Toggle Alt+F2
Cycle Snap Hit Alt+Shift+S
Cycle Active Snap Type Alt+S
Angle Snap Toggle A
Percent Snap Toggle Shift+Ctrl+P
Save File Ctrl+S
Hide Particle Systems Toggle Shift+P
Top View T
select All Ctrl+A
select None Ctrl+D
select Invert Ctrl+I
Transform Type-In Dialog Toggle F12
Go to End Frame End
Restrict to X F5
Restrict to Y F6
Restrict to Z F7
Restrict Plane Cycle F8
Go to Start Frame Home
select Child PageDown
select Children Ctrl+PageDown
select Ancestor PageUp
selection Lock Toggle Space
Maximize Viewport Toggle Alt+W
Zoom Region Mode Ctrl+W
Hide Space Warps Toggle Shift+W
Zoom Mode Alt+Z
Undo Scene Operation Ctrl+Z
Zoom Extents Alt+Ctrl+Z
Undo Viewport Operation Shift+Z
Zoom Extents All Shift+Ctrl+Z
Sound Toggle
Shade selected Faces Toggle F2
Show selection Bracket Toggle J
Display as See-Through Toggle Alt+X
Transform Gizmo Toggle X
Transform Gizmo Size Up =
Transform Gizmo Size Down -
Spacing Tool Shift+I
Set Key Mode '
Set Keys K
Advanced Lighting Panel 9
Object Display Culling Alt+O
Snap To Grid Toggle Alt+F5
Snap To Pivot Toggle Alt+F6
Snap To Vertex Toggle Alt+F7
Snap To End Point Toggle Alt+F8
Snap To Midpoint Alt+F9
Snap To Edge Toggle Alt+F10
Snap To Face Toggle Alt+F11
Retour au menu

Track View
Filters Q
Copy Controller Ctrl+C
Paste Controller Ctrl+V
Assign Controller C
Make Controller Unique U
Snap Frames S
Lock selection Space
Move Keys M
Lock Tangents Toggle L
Apply Ease Curve Ctrl+E
Apply Multiplier Curve Ctrl+M
Zoom Horizontal Extents Keys Alt+X
Zoom Z
Nudge Keys Left Left Arrow
Nudge Keys Right Right Arrow
Move Highlight Up Up Arrow
Move Highlight Down Down Arrow
Expand Object Toggle O
Expand Track Toggle Enter, T
Add Keys A
Pan P
Scroll Up Ctrl+Up Arrow
Scroll Down Ctrl+Down Arrow
Retour au menu

Material Editor
Options O
Get Material G
Go to Parent Up Arrow
Go Forward to Sibling Right Arrow
Go Backward to Sibling Left Arrow
Backlight L
Background B
Cycle 3X2, 5X3, 6X4 Sample Slots X
Make Preview P
Retour au menu

Schematic View
Filters P
Use select Tool S
Zoom selected Extents Z
Use Connect Tool C
select All Nodes Ctrl+A
Invert selected Nodes Ctrl+I
select None Ctrl+D
select Children Ctrl+C
rename Object R
Display Floater D
Show Grid G
Free selected Alt+S
Free All Alt+F
Move Children Alt+C
Add Bookmark B
Next Bookmark Right Arrow
Previous Bookmark Left Arrow
Toggle Shrink Ctrl+S
Retour au menu

Close Q
Render R
Draw Region D
select Object S
Toggle Toolbar (Docked) Space
Initialize (scanline mode) P
update (scanline mode) U
Retour au menu

Video Post
New Sequence Ctrl+N
Add New Event Ctrl+A
Edit Current Event Ctrl+E
Execute Sequence Ctrl+R
Add Scene Event Ctrl+S
Add Image Input Event Ctrl+I
Add Image Output Event Ctrl+O
Add Image Filter Event Ctrl+F
Add Image Layer Event Ctrl+L
Retour au menu


Display Curves Shift+Ctrl+C
Display Dependents Ctrl+D
Display Lattices Ctrl+L
Display Shaded Lattice Alt+L
Display Surfaces Shift+Ctrl+S
Display Toolbox Ctrl+T
Display Trims Shift+Ctrl+T
Transform Degrade Ctrl+X
Local select Sub-Object By Name Ctrl+H
select Sub-Object By Name H
Soft selection Ctrl+S
select Next in U Ctrl+Right Arrow
select Previous in U Ctrl+Left Arrow
select Next in V Ctrl+Up Arrow
select Previous in V Ctrl+Down Arrow
Switch To Top Level Alt+Shift+T
Switch To Surface CV Level Alt+Shift+V
Switch To Surface Level Alt+Shift+S
Switch To Curve CV Level Alt+Shift+Z
Switch To Point Level Alt+Shift+P
Switch To Curve Level Alt+Shift+C
Switch To Imports Level Alt+Shift+I
Lock 2D selection Space
Set Tessellation Preset 1 Alt+1
Set Tessellation Preset 2 Alt+2
Set Tessellation Preset 3 Alt+3
CV Constrained U Move Alt+U
CV Constrained V Move Alt+V
CV Constrained Normal Move Alt+N
Retour au menu

Editable Poly
Object Level 6
Vertex Level 1
Edge Level 2
Border Level 3
Face Level 4

Element Level 5
Grow selection Ctrl+PageUp
Shrink selection Ctrl+PageDown
select Edge Loop Alt+L
select Edge Ring Alt+R
Hide Alt+H
Hide Unselected Alt+I
Unhide All Alt+U
Cut Alt+C
Quickslice Mode Shift+Ctrl+Q
Bevel Mode Shift+Ctrl+B
Chamfer Mode Shift+Ctrl+C
Connect Shift+Ctrl+E
Extrude Mode Shift+E
Weld Mode Shift+Ctrl+W
Constrain to Edges Shift+X
Retour au menu

Edit/Editable Mesh

Vertex Level 1
Edge Level 2
Face Level 3
Polygon Level 4
Element Level 5
Bevel Mode Ctrl+V, Ctrl+B
Cut Mode Alt+C
Extrude Mode Ctrl+E
Edge Invisible Ctrl+I
Detach Ctrl+D
Edge Turn Ctrl+T
Weld selected Ctrl+W
Chamfer Mode Ctrl+C
Weld Target Mode Alt+W
Retour au menu

Edit Normals

Object Level Ctrl+0
Normal Level Ctrl+1
Vertex Level Ctrl+2
Edge Level Ctrl+3
Face Level Ctrl+4
Break Normals B
Unify Normals U
Reset Normals R
Specify Normals S
Make Explicit E
Copy Normal Ctrl+C
Paste Normal Ctrl+V
Retour au menu


Switch To Top Level Alt+Shift+T
Switch To Control Point Level Alt+Shift+C
Switch To Lattice Level Alt+Shift+L
Switch To Set Volume Level Alt+Shift+S
Retour au menu

Edit Poly
Object Level 6
Vertex Level 1
Edge Level 2
Border Level 3
Polygon Level 4
Element Level 5
select By Vertex Alt+V
Ignore Backfacing in selections Alt+I
Grow selection PageUp
Shrink selection PageDown
select Edge Loop Alt+L
select Edge Ring Alt+R
Hide H
Hide Unselected Shift+U
Unhide All U
Affect Backfacing Ctrl+F
Use Soft selection Ctrl+S
Shaded Face Toggle Alt+F
Align To Grid G
Align To View V
Attach Shift+A
Attach List Shift+Ctrl+A
Collapse Shift+L
Create C
Cut Shift+C
Detach Ctrl+D
Make Planar P
MeshSmooth M
MeshSmooth Settings Ctrl+M
Quickslice Mode Q
Repeat Last Operation R
Reset Slice Plane Alt+S
Slice Shift+S
Slice Plane Mode S
Tessellate T
Tessellate Settings Ctrl+T
Bevel Mode B
Bevel Settings Ctrl+B
Break Shift+B
Cap Alt+P
Chamfer Mode Alt+C
Chamfer Settings Alt+Ctrl+C
Connect N
Connect Edge Settings Ctrl+N
Extrude along Spline Mode Shift+E
Extrude along Spline Settings Shift+Ctrl+E
Extrude Mode E
Extrude Settings Ctrl+E
insert Vertex Mode Shift+I
Inset Mode I
Inset Settings Ctrl+I
Hinge from Edge Mode L
Hinge from Edge Settings Ctrl+L
Create Shape from Edges Shift+M
Outline Mode O
Outline Settings Ctrl+O
Remove Shift+R
Remove Isolated Vertices Shift+Ctrl+R
Remove Unused Map Vertices Alt+Shift+Ctrl+R
Split Edges Shift+P
Weld Mode W
Weld Settings Ctrl+W
Auto Smooth A
Edit Triangulation Mode Shift+T
Flip Normals F
Retriangulate Shift+Ctrl+T
Constrain to Edges X
Constrain to Faces Shift+X
Retour au menu

Unwrap UVW
Planar map faces/patches Enter
Load UVW Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L
Edit UVW's Ctrl+E
Texture Vertex Move Mode Q
Move Horizontal Alt+Shift+Ctrl+J
Move Vertical Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K
Texture Vertex Rotate Mode Ctrl+R
Mirror Horizontal Alt+Shift+Ctrl+N
Mirror Vertical Alt+Shift+Ctrl+M
Texture Vertex Expand selection NumPad +, =
Texture Vertex Contract selection NumPad -, -
Break selected Vertices Ctrl+B
Texture VertexTarget Weld Ctrl+T
Texture Vertex Weld selected Ctrl+W
update Map Ctrl+U
Unwrap Options Ctrl+O
Lock selected vertices Space
Hide selected Ctrl+H
Freeze selected Ctrl+F
Filter selected Faces Alt+F
Pan Ctrl+P
Zoom Z
Zoom Region Ctrl+X
Zoom Extents X
Zoom Extents selected Alt+Ctrl+Z
Snap Ctrl+S
Detach Edge Verts D, Ctrl+D
Get selection from Faces Alt+Shift+Ctrl+P
Zoom To Gizmo Shift+Space
Get Face selection from Stack Alt+Shift+Ctrl+F
Retour au menu


Set Key 0
TV select start of foosteps Alt+A
Paste Posture Opposite Alt+B
Copy Posture Alt+C
TV select end of footsteps Alt+D
Scale In Transform (toggle) Alt+Ctrl+E
Fix Graphs Alt+Ctrl+F
Lock selected Keys (toggle) Alt+Ctrl+L
Play Biped V
Set Range Alt+R
TV select entire foostep Alt+S
Change Leg State Alt+Ctrl+S
Paste Posture Alt+V
Reset all limb keys Alt+K
Collapse Move All Mode changes Alt+M
Toggle Biped Keys in TrackBar Alt+T
Retour au menu

Biped Curve Editing
Toggle Show X Ctrl+A
Toggle Show Y Ctrl+A
Toggle Show Z Ctrl+A
Toggle Layered Edit Ctrl+A
Toggle Draw Every Frame Ctrl+A
Toggle Subanims Ctrl+A
Toggle Manipulate Subanims Ctrl+A
Toggle Limit Quat Curve to 180 Ctrl+A
Show Quat Curve Ctrl+A
Show Pos Curve Ctrl+A
Show Rot Speed Curve Ctrl+A
Show Rot Accel Curve Ctrl+A
Show Pos Speed Curve Ctrl+A
Show Pos Accel Curve Ctrl+A
Show Pos Jerk Curve Ctrl+A
Pos Curve Relative To World Ctrl+A
Pos Curve Relative To Bip Root Ctrl+A
Retour au menu

Particle Flow

Particle View Toggle 6
Particle Emission Toggle
selected Particle Emission Toggle Shift+
select All In Particle View Ctrl+A
Copy selected In Particle View Ctrl+C
Paste In Particle View Ctrl+V
Retour au menu


Set Min Influence Alt+I
Set Max Influence Ctrl+I
Create Reaction Alt+Ctrl+C
delete Reaction Alt+Ctrl+D
Set Reaction Value Alt+Ctrl+V
Edit State Toggle Alt+Ctrl+S
Retour au menu

Macro Scripts

Render to Texture Dialog... 0
Collapse (Poly) Alt+Ctrl+C
Cut (Poly) Alt+C
Meshsmooth (Poly) Ctrl+M
Cap (Poly) Alt+P
Extrude Face (Poly) Alt+E
Isolate selection Alt+Q
Create Camera from View Ctrl+C
Polygon Counter 7
Sub-Object Level 1 1
Sub-Object Level 2 2
Sub-Object Level 3 3
Sub-Object Level 4 4
Sub-object Level 5 5
Smart Scale R
Smart select Q
WalkThrough View Mode Up Arrow
Retour au menu

Advanced Lighting Panel 9
Crowd solve S
Object Display Culling Alt+O
Viewports V

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